Featuring Our Newest Female Single Artist: Emily Elise


It is with great humbleness to have such caliber of musicians as part of our growing station. There can only be one answer to this amazing encounter: Love , Love is the Master who is incomparable!

Please take a listen to this awesome, magnetic voice of Emily as she holds down the notes on this massive single: Incomparable. She hails from Georgia, USA to be exact.

We are pleased to be part of this journey, so please take a listen to her and other awesome singers like her on our radio station. Together we spread true Love through things such as our differences, similarities, our stories, music, culture, diversity and oneness and for the love of the universe. Love expands just as the universe expands and hate contracts and shrivels everything around it.

We chose love anyway come what may, we will hold on to the true Love that made the Universe. Stay tuned for the upcoming exclusive interview with Emily Elise. Thank you folks.

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