Head On With MPP: Faisal Hassan


When we go controversially, be sure to fasten up your headphones tight and ensure that you are in a well and comfortable place, because we are positive that the topics we deal with are sure to uproot you off that comfortable zone.

It takes courage to confront the uncomfortable and continue even though your heart feels like it’s about to rip up your rip cage and blow up right in front of everyone.( ok that’s too much imagination), you get the picture.

On this occasion we tackled a very uncomfortable topic that has been in people’s minds for too long and no-one has come up directly and said it to the world, until now, when MPP. FAISAL HASSAN has been working tirelessly fighting to right some injustices that comes with Car Auto Insurance in Ontario.

Knowing The Captain Teri P. Show always ready to listen, we met up with Mr. Hassan and wow, was it mind blowing what I found out about most car insurance companies.

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