Wounds Of The Past:

When we took the story of Genocide in Namibia, little did we know that we had invoked the wrath of the spirits.

Simply put, we entered a vortex that was long lost but not forgotten. Stories of lost souls circled among the First Nations communities. No-one believed them, they spoke of atrocities committed against their communities by the trusted religious sectors. It took at least two centuries for the truth to be revealed.

We woke up one day to the news of 215 unmarked graves found near one of the Residential schools in British Columbia, Canada, the country was caught by surprise, mixed feelings of shame of what the past has brought out. Not long more unmarked graves were found and are still be found.

The Captain Teri P. Show took the time to go and hear the story from the First Nations themselves. By a stroke of luck, we bumped into Sioux Maniwatobi at unrelated place and we connected instantly, he gave us a special invitation of Wikwemikong, one of the only two unceded residential areas on Manitoulin Island. We considered that a privilege.

Not only did we go to the Residential Ruins, we went to a local cuisine as well, which was tasty. We had a chance to speak to the Chief Cultural developer Brian Piltier, a well versed and knowledgeable respected elder of the community. He introduced himself in his language Objibwe. I learnt a few words like hello how are you? ‘Ahnnii na’

Our first stop was the ruins of the Residential School, we were not ready for the raw truth of what really happened behind those walls. You could feel the pain and the sorrow still lingering on the walls, a slight echo seemed to linger eerily in the still air, dogs barking in the neighbour as if they too could feel the tense energy cemented on these grounds.

We short a short video, due to technical challenges we were not to able to capture the video perfectly, however you can still watch the clip we on our YouTube channel. We are planning a part two of the show. This time we will have more people coming forward to tell their stories.

We have attached a YouTube clip, check it out. Thank you.

Wounds Of The Past: Listen To The Stories







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