For all your shopping needs on Manitoulin Life Online Store, shopping made super simple. Due to the global pandemic we have decided to extend our radio station into an online store as well, while visiting our radio, you will be able to shop, navigate the radio and visit other sites within.

Order today our branded merchandise, Our intention is to bring life to life online, and give back to the world. Open your mind and free yourself to something fresh and refreshing.


This will surely not be all prim and proper, a lot of rugged and starting from the roots type of website. We intend to introduce a wide range of products, this is just a few of them. SO let the Universe lead the way, our latest and most viewed is the E-bikes that we have introduced to our line. In the future we intend to have a store just for the E-bikes, giving you more easy access. Let It Be!

Enjoy our special pictures that we took recently with one of our loyal customers, who had so much fun that it was unbelievable that clean fun is real and so affordable.


So don’t be last in line, join the fun contact us now for one of these or rent one!

Why Not If Not!


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